Chris White


UX Designer

Creating digital experiences with design thinking

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A website redesign for a local shoe store, InStep. The focus of this project was revising the menus and filters, highlighting their in-store experience, and giving the website a modern aesthetic.

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Connect the spots

A website allowing people to find the most fitting dog breed and matching pets in the area. My contributions as part of a 4 person team were primarily as an information architect, creating the quiz questions and answers and mapping them together.


South Austin Gallery

Updating the Bigcommerce website for the local company, South Austin Gallery, including creating new content to better explain their business and make the site more user friendly.

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Other Projects

A few other UX projects without a full case study. This includes a 48 hour hackathon project and a redesigned screen for Reddit.


About Me


HI, I'm chris white

A UX designer who creates intuitive experiences by turning complex processes into natural paths, providing people with more functionality from technology. Through repeated iteration and testing, I continually refine my designs to make them easier and easier to use.

I believe the best designs come from using insights from research to shape a seamless user experience. My favorite parts of the design process are paper and digital wireframes, information architecture, and interaction design.